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How To Treat Dry Skin In Pregnancy: What You Need To Know

How To Treat Dry Skin In Pregnancy: What You Need To Know
Heleayner Davies
Writer and expert2 years ago
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Surprisingly Mama, not everyone is blessed with a healthy pregnancy glow. In fact, many women find that they develop dry skin in pregnancy due to the everchanging and fluctuating hormones that can cause your skin to lose it's elasticity and moisture, leading to dry, dull and flaky skin.

Don't worry though, Mama! Our plant-based, clinically proven* and pregnancy safe bodycare will help protect against dry skin during pregnancy. From gently cleansing and hydrating body washes to our iconic Tummy Rub Butters, our products will help you achieve that head-to-toe, Mama glow that you deserve. *Independent clinical trial

What causes dry skin in pregnancy during Winter?

It is very common for women to experience dry skin during pregnancy. Throughout Winter, cold air, central heating and low humidity levels can deplete your skin of essential moisture and hydration that it needs to stay healthy and protected, which can leave your skin feeling and looking dry and lacking in a head-to-toe, Mama glow!

As your hormones fluctuate during pregnancy, this can cause your skin to lose moisture and elasticity as it begins to stretch to make room for your little one, which can lead to itchy, tight, flaky and dry skin.

But, don't worry though Mama as we have the perfect products to help soothe, nourish and moisturise your skin as it grows throughout your pregnancy journey and beyond. Expertly formulated with plant-based actives and nourishing oils in our Omega-Rich Skin Stretch Complex, our pregnancy safe bodycare will help ease feelings of dryness on the skin.

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Why do I have dry and itchy skin during pregnancy?

If you're experiencing itching skin during pregnancy, you're not alone Mama. Itching skin is very common, and although uncomfortable it is usually harmless. Reasons that you might be dealing with dry and itchy skin during pregnancy can include:

  • Eczema: This is a very common skin condition during pregnancy. It usually develops during the first 2 trimesters, and even women who do not have a history of eczema can develop it when they become pregnant. Symptoms can include a rash, itching, inflammation and even a burning sensation. Eczema usually develops on areas of skin around your knees, wrists, elbows and neck. It doesn't affect your baby and usually goes away after you have given birth.
  • Psoriasis: This is a common condition that causes thick patches of itchy, red and dry skin to appear. Although it is common for psoriasis to improve during pregnancy, according to scientific studies many women will continue to experience symptoms that last throughout their pregnancy journey.
  • Irritation: As your tummy and boobs grow, of course, the skin around these areas stretch. This can mean that you might begin to notice redness, itching and possible stretch marks in these areas as they expand to accommodate your little bundle of joy. To add to this, chafing either from skin rubbing or your clothes can cause further irritation.

Why do I have dry skin after pregnancy?

After giving birth, along with fluctuating hormones, fatigue and post-partum hair loss dry skin can also continue after giving birth as estrogen and progesterone decline dramatically after labour. If you're breastfeeding, experiencing skin dryness is very common as your body uses lots of water which can deplete your skin of moisture.

How do I treat dry skin during and after pregnancy?

Want some good news, Mama? Not everyone will experience dry skin during or after pregnancy. However, it is a good idea to to keep your skin moisturised from head-to-toe to prevent it from drying out even further. Keep reading to discover how to use our pregnancy safe, dermatologically tested and cruelty-free bodycare to help nourish, hydrate and keep your skin feeling and looking healthy.

For dry nipples and boobs

If you're suffering with boob and nipple dryness during pregnancy look no further than our expertly formulated Pregnancy Boob Tube Bust Cream and Keep Calm Nipple Balm. The perfect pairing for sore boobs and nipples, this duo offers ultimate relief for skin during and after pregnancy. Infused with vegan friendly formulas that are both pregnancy and breastfeeding safe and charged with plant-based ingredients including Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Cabbage Leaf Extract to nourish and hydrate your boobs whilst providing optimum protection and comfort.

For dry bumps

If you're familiar with our products, then you probably know about our iconic and bestselling Tummy Rub Butters. But, if you don't, allow us to give you a quick refresher. Supercharged with our amazing Omega-Rich Skin Stretch Complex, our Tummy Rub Butter's are clinically proven* to increase skin elasticity and moisture, helping to protect against stretch marks. Enriched with skin-loving ingredients including Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Shea Butter and a 100% natural feel good fragrance, slather you bump in this ultra-rich cream twice daily from above your boobs to below your bum and all the way around to help protect you against dry skin on your stomach during pregnancy.

For a dry body

Hydrate, soothe and revitalise skin dryness during pregnancy with our rich, yet lightweight Megamama Body Lotion. Packed full of Omegas, AHAs and Hyaluronic Acid, apply this hydrating body lotion from head-to-toe to help lock-in hydration, revealing smooth, supple and beautifully soft skin. The difference between this and our Tummy Rub Butter? The texture is thinner so that you can focus on hydrating your skin from top to toe rather than just protecting your bump against stretch marks.

For a twice per week treat, polish and prep Mama-to-be skin with our gentle, yet effective Tummy Rub Scrub. Supercharged with Pumice and Volcanic Sand along with Papaya and Fig Extract, use this as the first step in your Tummy Rub Routine to gently buff away dry, dull and flaky skin revealing silky smooth, radiant skin underneath.

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Heleayner Davies
Writer and expert
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