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Your body and skin goes through many changes throughout your pregnancy. Your bump is quickly growing, your boobs may become sore and your legs can feel tired, weary and puffy. No matter what your concern is, Mama Mio has got you covered.

Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are commonly experienced during pregnancy and are a result of your journey into mamahood! During pregnancy, the skin rapidly expands to accommodate a growing baby bump. Keeping up with your daily body care routine can be a great way to help look after adapting skin.

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Boobs & Breastfeeding

Sore and itchy boobs during pregnancy? We refer to it as ‘breast stress’ because your body is experiencing many changes to prepare for the arrival of your little bundle of joy. Besides drinking lots of water, it’s also super important to keep your skin hydrated, which is where Mama Mio comes in!

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Dry Skin

Many women find that they develop dry skin in pregnancy due to fluctuating hormones that can cause your skin to lose its moisture, leading to dry, dull and flaky skin. Our clinically proven* and pregnancy safe body care will help protect and help you achieve that head-to-toe, Mama glow you deserve. Copy

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Legs & Feet

Designed for all stages of the nine-month stretch, feel immediate relief from weary legs, swollen ankles, and puffy feet with our quick and easy-to-apply formulas. Our range is packed with cooling Aloe Vera, energising Ginger Extract and comforting Chamomile Extract.

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