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The 4th Trimester: A Midwife’s Guide

Your 9 month str-e-tch is over Mama and your little one (or ones!) are finally here! But, did you know you’re now entering the little known next stage of your journey, the 4th Trimester? What is the 4th Trimester, we hear you cry! We caught up with midwife and Mum of 2 Bridie from @bumptobeyondyour_birth  […]

Lucy meck with mama mio tummy rub butter

Mother’s Day Inspiration with Lucy Meck

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, whether you’re filling your wishlist for lots of self care treats from you to you, or dropping not-so subtle hints to your partner, friends and family about the perfect day, this time is all about you, Mama! To help give you a little Mother’s Day inspiration, we caught […]

20 days agoBy Ellie Costain

5 Tips for Being Pregnant in Summer

How’s it going, Mama? There’s no denying that final str-e-tch can be tough, especially if it falls during the warmest time of the year. If your last weeks carrying baby manage to dodge the summer-time, count yourself lucky, being heavily pregnant in summer is a task on it’s own! The extra weight, swelling and sweating […]

13 days agoBy Josie Wilkins
mother holding baby and laughing

How and When to Wash Your Baby’s Hair

Welcome to mamahood, mama! With your little one now in the world, it’s time to put all of your preparation into action. The crib has been assembled, the cupboards stocked with nappies, and the books have been read. However, now that your mini is at home with you, you might find the simpler tasks are […]

29 days agoBy Josie Wilkins