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Welcome to our mamahood. Created for mamas by mamas, Mama Mio provides pregnant women with the support they need for strong, healthy skin. Whether you're 8 weeks pregnant or 36 weeks pregnant and about to pop! We have years of pregnancy safe skincare experience and create effective, unique and nourishing formulas to protect and support your skin stretching throughout your pregnancy journey and beyond.

Trusted, proven results

We are trusted by mamas globally and use the best quality ingredients both safe for mama and baby. Our products are dermatologically tested and include our unique Omega Rich Skin Stretch Complex that deeply nourishes, hydrates, elasticizes skin and is clinically proven* to help prevent stretch marks.
*Independent Clinical Trial


Powered by Mama nature

We use the highest quality ingredients and have packed our products with natural plant-based actives. Our pregnancy products have been specifically developed to be suitable for pregnant, post-partum, and breastfeeding mamas and are vegan, cruelty free and use 100% natural fragrances.


Made with mamas in mind

Mamas are at the center of everything we do. Our pregnancy products are highly-effective, with soothing formulas and natural fragrances for sensitive noses. Committed to treading gently on the planet, we source our packaging and materials responsibly and sustainably to protect our future generations.



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Get To Know Us, Mama

At Mama Mio, we provide pregnancy-safe skincare to meet all your pregnancy concerns. Our products are formulated using natural plant-based ingredients and backed by clinically proven trials to leave you sure they’re providing the best results for you and your baby.

We have years of pregnancy skincare experience and create nourishing formulations to protect and support your skin throughout the journey and beyond. Mamas are at thecentre of everything, with natural plant-based and fragrance-free actives ensuring our products are specifically developed to be suitable for pregnant, postpartum, and breastfeeding mamas.

Mini Mio products are also here to take care of those invaluable experiences you want to enjoy together. Our baby-safe skincare is dermatologically-approved to nourish, calm, and protect the most sensitive skin. Being assured the products you’re using are safe for baby skincare allows you to enjoy bath time, feel connected, and enjoy sensorial experiences with the peace of mind that you’re nourishing your baby's skin.