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Congratulations Mama, you're into the fourth trimester. In other words, you've made it! With your little one finally welcomed into the world, this time is all about bonding with your new baby and giving your post-pregnancy body the care and love it deserves - it has been through a lot! Our baby and breastfeeding safe body care products contain natural ingredients to hydrate, nourish and protect your post-bump skin. Choose from nipple creams that soothe sore boobs and sensitive nipples to a clinically proven cream to reduce the appearance of fresh stretch marks. We have you and your beautiful, strong skin covered, Mama!
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Why Mama Mio Fourth Trimester?

Mama Mio's products for the fourth trimester of pregnancy have been designed by Mamas, for brand new Mamas! After all of the stretching and hard work, our baby-safe products provide the nourishment and care for all post-pregnancy skin needs. Made with the highest quality ingredients, these products will help to support Mamas as they embark on an entirely new journey, this time with their little one in the world.