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The Lowdown On Omega 3 Benefits For Skin During Pregnancy

The Lowdown On Omega 3 Benefits For Skin During Pregnancy
Writer and expert3 years ago
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We LOVE Omegas here at Mama Mio and we're always talking about how you'll find them in our skincare. But why are they so important and why do they make our skincare so amazing for your skin during your pregnancy? We've quickly summarised what Omegas are, Omega 3 benefits for skin and how you can get them into your skincare routine. Just carry on reading, Mama!

What are Omegas?

Skin Omegas 3 and 6 are fatty acids and are often called 'essential' fats as the human body needs them for a whole host of things including maintaining brain and nerve function. They're also responsible for the health of a cell's membrane, which influence the cell's ability to hold moisture in and keep water and irritants out. If the membranes of your skin cells are healthy then it will ensure your skin is stronger, softer and moister - which is something we all want, especially as we grow our little ones!

Why do you need Omegas when you're pregnant?

So why are they so much more important now that you're pregnant? Well that little one growing inside you is sucking up all those Omegas to help him or her develop and grow. Which is amazing for your baby, but not so great for your skin because it leaves it weak and dry. That means that when you're pregnant and growing, your skin is actually at it's weakest so when it stretches, it tears, which is one of the reasons you get stretch marks.

argan oil omega 3
Did you know that our skincare is charged with Omega-rich Argan oil from Argan nuts?

So how do you get them into your skincare?

So now we know about Omega 3 benefits for skin, how do you get them into your skincare regime?

Well, our pregnancy-safe products are bursting with Omegas 3, 6 and 9 to nourish your skin in the best possible way, keeping it super healthy, super supple and super elastic. This means when your skin is stretching, it's stretching at its strongest rather than its weakest. The continual and plentiful use of Omegas in our Omega Skin Stretch Complex will help keep your skin healthy, prevent stretch marks and help combat that itchy feeling Mamas often find they have in the later stages of their pregnancy.

The Omega Skin Edit

Keep your skin soft, supple and elastic to support the nine month str-e-tch and shop our pregnancy skincare favourites charged with the Omega Rich Skin Stretch Complex. Fused with a unique blend of Avocado Oil, Inchi Oil and Argan Oil, this formula is rich in Omega 3 for skin and 6 and 9, too.

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Writer and expert
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