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From Bump To Baby Skincare…Say Hello To Mini Mio!

From Bump To Baby Skincare…Say Hello To Mini Mio!
Heleayner Davies
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Say hello to Mini Mio, our NEW arrival for mini moments that matter most! We know these moments are precious, and we want to help you enjoy them with our naturally powered, vegan, cruelty-free and paediatrician-approved baby skincare made for minis and the people who care for them.

Made from premium ingredients derived from Mother Nature and our NEW Skin Nurturing Omega Complex, you can trust our baby skincare products to nourish, soothe, calm and protect even the most sensitive baby skin. Whether its connecting at changing time or building bonds at bedtime, discover more about the products in the range and how they can help enhance those Mini moments together, full of care...

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Why Is Babies Skin So Sensitive?

Before we delve into our exciting new products within the range, let's explain a bit about your baby's skin and why it's so important to use baby specific skin care to help keep it soothed and comforted.

A healthy skin barrier is vital for a baby's wellbeing, as it is the first line of defence against irritants and helps to protect the body against infection and disease. When a baby is born, their immune system is still developing and they are at greater risk of developing irritations and infections; a breakdown in your baby's skin barrier can lead to painful, cracked and inflamed skin.

Our skin barrier is protected by our lipids and microbiome. As infants grow, they're still developing the protective lipid and moisture balance within their skin as it continues to mature and develop throughout the first years of their life. Baby skin is thinner and more permeable than adult skin, therefore it is prone to becoming dry and dehydrated. Their thinner, delicate skin will benefit from using the right baby skincare products to help keep it nourished and calm for a joyful and happy baby. That's why we've created Mini Mio Skincare.

NOTE: Midwives recommend using only water on baby's skin for the first 3 months of their life, as this is when it is most sensitive. After that, you can help keep their skin nourished and soothed with our gentle baby skincare products.

Mini Mio is recommended for use on babies from 3 months onwards. 


From Bump Care, To Baby Skincare

For over 17-years Mama Mio has nourished, supported, and protected Mama-to-be skin throughout the 9-month str-e-tch and beyond to give you pregnancy-safe support for strong, healthy skin. Now, we have extended this love and care to your little ones. Mini Mio provides naturally powered baby skincare that brings parents and little ones together for moments of bonding. From tub time to 'it's time for a change', we've designed each product to help you connect with your baby, caring for each and every mini moment in the day.

Charged with plant-based ingredients and nourishing oils in our unique Skin Nurturing Omega Complex, Mini Mio is vegan, cruelty-free, Paediatrician-approved and safe for babies, so you can trust our products to nourish, soothe and protect even the most sensitive baby skin to help enhance those mini moments together.

Treading gently on the planet to help protect future generations, Mini Mio uses the best quality ingredients and sources our packaging and materials sustainably and responsibly. Our packaging is 100% recyclable, jar and cap in your plastic bin and carton in your paper!

Now that you know the story behind the brand, let's get into the good stuff and onto the products!

Sweet Cheeks Face And Body Lotion

Keep baby's skin soft and smooth from top to tiny toe with our NEW Sweet Cheeks Face And Body Lotion. Expertly formulated by dermatologists, this gentle baby moisturiser will help protect Baba's delicate skin from dryness, leaving it feeling super soft, calm and moisturised. Charged with our Skin Nurturing Omega Complex, a nourishing blend of Shea Oil, Avocado Oil and Coconut Oils rich in Omegas to help keep baby's skin feeling hydrated and moisturised. Packed full of plant-based actives including antioxidant rich Vitamin E, Cotton Seed Oil and a 100% natural calming fragrance of vanilla, orange and florals, this nourishing baby body lotion will help keep little one's feeling comfy in their own skin, leaving it feeling silky smooth and softly scented.

How to use: Smooth a thin layer over your baby's face and body after bathing or before you go out and about.

98% agreed product left baby's skin was left looking and feeling soft and protected from dryness.*

*Tested in a 2-week independent consumer trial

Oh So Clean Foaming Hair & Body Wash

The perfect post-playtime product, scrub away the grub with our NEW Oh So Clean Hair & Body Cleanser. Expertly formulated by our dermatologists, this easy to use body wash foams straight out of the pump to create a creamy, soft foaming baby body wash that gently cleanses baby's hair and body, leaving it feeling super fresh and hydrated.

Supercharged with our Skin Nurturing Omega Complex, this gently baby body wash is formulated with a unique blend of skin-loving oils including Shea, Avocado and Coconut rich in Omegas along with Vitamin E to leave Baba's skin feeling hydrated and healthy. Infused with a 100% natural fragrance, our kids body wash will leave your baby's skin feeling moisturised and gently scented.

How to use: Pump foam and rub gently all over the body and hair. Rinse well after use.

97% of parents agreed baby's skin was left looking and feeling fresh and nourished*.

*Tested in a 2-week independent consumer trial

Mini Moments Massage Gel

Create those precious moments of connection between you and baba with our NEW Mini Moments Massage Gel. This easy to apply, soft baby massage oil will help enhance those special skin to skin moments and help strengthen the bond between you and baba, leaving their skin looking and feeling silky soft, supple and comforted. Whether its rise and shine or night night, this oil for baby skin is the perfect product to help keep baby relaxed and calm and is infused with plant-based actives including our Skin Nurturing Omega Complex and Olive Oil to help strengthen and protect.

How to use: Squeeze a small amount into your hands, rubbing them together to warm up the gel. Use gentle circular motions when applying.

100% of parents agreed baby's skin was left looking and feeling comforted and silky soft.*

*Tested in a 2-week independent consumer trial

Comfort & Calm Bum Balm

The ultimate baby bum cream for happy nappies, meet our NEW Comfort & Calm Bum Balm! Leaving a protective layer on baby's skin, our comforting nappy cream leaves skin looking and feeling super soft, calm and instantly moisturised at every nappy change!

Supercharged with our Skin Nurturing Omega Complex, our nappy rash cream is packed full with Omegas along with Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Shea Oil and Sunflower Wax to help calm the appearance of uncomfortable skin. Paediatrician approved and fragrance free, this is the perfect baby bum cream to help soothe delicate skin on baby's body.

98% of parents agreed baby's skin was left with a protective feeling barrier.*

*Tested in a 2 week independent trial.

How to use: Rub in gentle circular motions all on baby's skin. Apply where required.

Tub Time Bath Bubbles

Bubble the fun at bath time with NEW Tub Time Bath Bubbles! Create sensorial fun with Baba in the tub with this baby safe bubble bath that will leave their skin feeling and looking clean, hydrated and protected from dryness whilst they splish splash to their heart's content!

Infused with our Skin Nurturing Omega Complex expertly formulated by dermatologists, this baby bubble bath is rich in Omegas to help keep Baba's skin feeling super nourished, moisturised and gently scented with a 100% natural calming fragrance.

98% of parents agreed baby's skin was left looking and feeling clean*.

*Tested in a 2 week independent trial.

How to use: Pour a glug into warm running water. Rinse well after use.

Beddy Byes Bath Milk

It's time to say night night with our NEW Beddy Byes Bath Milk! The perfect addition to a calming night-time routine, this indulgent bath milk creates a soft, milk bath to gently cleanse baby's delicate and sensitive skin.

Formulated with our Skin Nurturing Omega Complex to nourish and moisturise baby's skin, our bath milk is infused with a 100% natural, calming fragrance of gentle Lavender to soothe and calm baby, encouraging a peaceful nights sleep.

97% of parents agreed baby's skin was left looking and feeling soft*

*Tested in a 2 week independent trial.

How to use: Pour a glug into warm running water. Rinse well after use.

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Learn more about our Mini Mio range! 

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