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First Trimester: How Your Body Changes During Pregnancy

First Trimester: How Your Body Changes During Pregnancy
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Congratulations you're pregnant! Being pregnant is amazing but let's be honest it's tough on your body and your skin. As your pregnancy progresses your body is going to change dramatically as your little miracle grows inside you. A lot of the changes you'll be expecting (we all know your belly is going to grow.) However it's more than likely that some things you had no idea were going to happen. Now's the time to do a little research and get prepared for the first trimester.

Read on to discover the changes your body can experience in your first trimester...week 1 through to the end of your 13th week 


Morning Sickness

For most mamas morning sickness is at it's worst in the first trimester. Triggered by movement, strong smells or nothing at all.

Mood swings

A sudden change in hormones mean that suddenly you may not feel like yourself. If feeling really up then suddenly down is unusual for you it is a sign of pregnancy. (If you think its more serious contact your doctor to be screened for pre-natal depression).

Appetite loss

With morning sickness comes a loss of appetite. You only need to gain 2-3 pounds in your first trimester as your baby is still small. Losing a small amount of weight is OK, as long as you pile on a couple extra pounds in the second and third trimester.

A growing bump

A tiny bump might soon start to make an appearance.  Our Tummy Rub Butter is the first line of defence to help increase skin elasticity as early as possible to build skin strength and prevent those dreaded stretch marks. Pregnancy safe and smells amazing, use in your first trimester for the best protection against stretch marks for gorgeous skin.

Breakouts/ acne

During your pregnancy you’re going to get that gorgeous, natural, happy glow that all mamas-to-be get - lucky you! However unfortunately, particularly in the first trimester due to changes in hormones, you may also experience acne or breakouts.

Tender breasts

Tender, tingly and getting bigger by the day, a lot of women first begin to see their breasts changing as early as their first couple of weeks of pregnancy. Support sore boobs with our expertly formulated Pregnancy Boob Tube. Not only will this cream make your boobs feel super soft and hydrated, it is clinically proven to increase skin elasticity and moisture, helping to protect growing boobs against stretch marks.

Heartburn / Constipation/ Food aversions / Headaches

All things which are normal to experience during the first trimester of pregnancy

Dry skin

Hoping for a gorgeous pregnancy glow and instead being plagued with scaly, flaky and itchy skin? Because of changes in hormones and a loss of fluids and omegas travelling from you to your baby a lot of mamas-to-be get dry, dehydrated and irritated skin. Mega Mama Body Lotion is rich in vital omegas and super-foods for nourishment and radiance.

The First Trimester Edit



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