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Being A New Dad: An Honest Chat With Diary Of The Dad

Being A New Dad: An Honest Chat With Diary Of The Dad
Heleayner Davies
Writer and expert3 years ago
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We spoke to Tom Briggs from @diaryofthedad to ask him about his personal experience on being a new dad and navigating fatherhood.

Keep scrolling to find out how Tom felt when he first found out he was going to be a new dad, his top tips for first-time dads and how he found the pregnancy and birth experience...

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1. How Did You Feel When You First Found Out That You Were Going To Be A Dad?

I was excited, delighted and surprised that we'd been so lucky so soon after deciding to start a family. I was also nervous about the huge change coming our way, with the very strong realisation that I had no idea what to do either immediately or nine months into the future.

2. What Made You Nervous About Becoming A New Dad?

I think this answer would be the same for all parents but it's the fact that babies don't come with a manual! Sure, there are books, websites and the like but they're all very general and not individually tailored to your newborn baby. So I was nervous about making mistakes.

3. What Did You Do That Helped You Prepare For The Arrival Of Your Little Ones?

With my oldest, I did a lot of reading and this helps to a certain degree but, as I mentioned earlier, all babies are different so this gave me a decent overview at best.With my younger two, I had learned that parenting is all about winging it so I did a little bit of reading to remind myself but was mostly ready to think on my feet. I don't think anyone is truly prepared as a parent until their little ones arrive.

4. What Are Your Tips For First-Time Dads And Dads-To-Be?

Be there for your partner from day one of pregnancy and trust your instincts. We're all different so some approaches will work well for some but not others. It's worth doing a bit of swotting up on what to expect generally though. But mostly just believe in yourself.
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Follow Tom on Instagram @diaryofthedad

5. How Did You Find The Pregnancy And Birth Experience?

I have three kids, and while the pregnancies were pretty similar their births were all completely different. With my oldest, it was completely surreal. It was in the middle of the night and I had to leave soon afterwards as, somewhat ridiculously, I was considered a guest.His younger brother arrived quickly, breaking his umbilical cord on the way out! And my youngest was supposed to be a chilled out homebirth but we were sent to the second nearest hospital for an emergency C-section at the last minute as she was the wrong way up.

6. What's The Most Exciting Thing About Being A Dad?

I always tell expectant parents that having kids is the best thing they'll ever do and there are loads of reasons for this. Being a dad is a challenging but massively rewarding experience and I wouldn't swap it for anything. I'm always learning from my children and love spending time with them.

7. How Will You Be Celebrating This Father’s Day?

I don't know yet, but it'll probably be a nice, quiet day with the family. Hopefully, I'll get to see my Dad too to thank him for everything he still does for me.


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Heleayner Davies
Writer and expert
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