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5 Pregnancy Myths Busted

5 Pregnancy Myths Busted
Josie Wilkins
Writer and expert2 years ago
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Have you just revealed the good news? Congratulations, Mama! At this point, you may be buried in all the books out there on what to expect. Meanwhile, we're sure that you're also being showered in personal advice and tips from other helpful Mamas and friends. When you announce that a mini-you will soon be in the world, a lot of information seems to get thrown your way, with some pregnancy myths hidden amongst the facts. Feeling overwhelmed yet? We don't blame you! To help you out, we're here to debunk the pregnancy myths. From bathing to heartburn, those facts about pregnancy that seem rather questionable will be clear as day.

Keep reading for the five big pregnancy myths, busted.

Pregnancy myth 1: You should avoid baths during pregnancy

Firstly, there is the well-disputed topic of baths during pregnancy. Many claim they should be avoided down to overheating and dizziness but we're here to tell you otherwise, Mama! If you enjoy a bath to relax, you'll be happy to know that bathing when pregnant is perfectly safe. However, when carrying a little one there are a few things to bear in mind before doing so.

According to Healthline, a healthy pregnant woman’s internal body temperature is around 37.2°C. The key is to keep the body heat below 38.3°C to make sure that everything stays safe. This means you should keep the water no hotter than 37°C, and keep a glass of water with ice within arms reach to stay hydrated!

Once you have the precautionary steps in place, you can rest assured knowing that regular baths during pregnancy are perfectly fine. Light some candles, nourish your skin with some Shower Milk and take some quality you-time to relax.

Pregnancy myth 2: You shouldn't exercise during pregnancy

Next up we have one of the preferred pregnancy myths: it's dangerous to exercise during pregnancy. As good as this excuse may be, we're sorry to say it's not necessarily true! In fact, the Mayo Clinic have said that some possible benefits of exercise during pregnancy include a shortened labor and a reduced risk of a C-section.

Having said this, you don't want to exhaust yourself, Mama. Plus, if you were never the active type before, don't suddenly center your days around breaking a sweat! What's more, for obvious reasons you may want to avoid sports like kickboxing and judo. Think regular, aerobic, pregnancy-safe exercise such as pilates, light jogs, and swimming. Swimming is a particularly popular one as it relieves the constant pressure of that extra bit of weight!

Pregnancy myth 3: Is it safe to have a cat during pregnancy?

One of the more bizarre pieces of advice is that it is not safe to have a cat during pregnancy. Luckily for any feline friends, this is a myth. The logic behind this one is that cats are unsafe to have around during pregnancy as they can potentially leave deposits containing a parasite that is very harmful to the growing mini inside. However, cats may only pick up this parasite after eating contaminated small animals like birds or rodents- dinners that are most likely not being fed to your pet!

So Mama, stick to the tinned cat food and assign the litter-tray chore to someone else and you should be just fine!

Pregnancy myth 4: There's no link between heartburn and hair in pregnancy

"If you have heartburn, it means your baby's head is full of hair." You may have heard this one already, Mama, and although this old wives tale seems as though this should be a pregnancy myth, it is actually one of the facts about pregnancy!

According to a study published in Birth, there is a connection between the severity of your heartburn and the amounts of hair your baby will have. In short, more hair equals more heartburn! The researchers that carried out the study have come to the conclusion that the same hormones that cause heartburn may also be the ones that dictate how much hair growth will take place.

So for this one, the pregnancy myth is that heartburn and hair in pregnancy is nothing more than an old wives tale!

Pregnancy myth 5: Morning sickness is only in the morning

Finally, we have the morning sickness discussion. Many Mamas will be happy to de-bunk this fact about pregnancy that morning sickness is only in the morning! Morning sickness is unfortunately not just limited to the early hours of the day. It can affect you at any time of day or night- you may even feel sick all day long. However, there is a silver lining. By the time the second trimester comes around it usually clears up significantly. While morning sickness may go beyond the morning at the start, the nausea will all be worth it in the end, Mama!

So there you have it, the five pregnancy myths busted. With so much information out there, it's important to remind yourself not to get overwhelmed- some of it might not even be true! However, for advice you know you can trust, why not take a look at our Midwife's Guide To The 1st Trimester.

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