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How To Keep Your Cool When Pregnant In Summer

How To Keep Your Cool When Pregnant In Summer
Annie Buckley
Writer and expert4 years ago
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Summer is here! It’s time to take a step outside and enjoy the world around you as flowers bloom and the sweet scent of freshly cut grass fills the air. However when you're pregnant in Summer, the glorious weather means it’s never been more important to protect your body against the sun

With the temperature rising and your bump growing, it can be hard to keep your cool, that’s where we step in. Our pregnancy experts uncover their top tips to beat the heat when pregnant in Summer.

Cool Off

Not only is swimming a fab way to keep fit and take the weight off for a little while, it’ll help you cool off from the summer sun. Head to your local swimming pool or go for a paddle in the sea – trust us, your body will thank you for it.

Looking for an instant cooling fix? Our Lucky Legs Cooling Gel is the ultimate foot and leg hydrator. This uplifting gel is packed full of powerful plant-based ingredients with an invigorating fragrance blend of essential oils, peppermint and menthol which will leave you feeling instantly refreshed, cooled and soothed.

For Mama's who are on the go or who can't quite reach their toes, try our Lucky Legs Refreshing Spritz. Boasting the same natural ingredients as our best-selling Lucky Legs Cooling Gel, the clever 360 pump means you can spray this cooling mist upside down. Simply spray away and leave to dry  - it's as simple as that Mama!

Protect Yourself

When pregnant in Summer it’s advised for women to be especially cautious in the sun as it can cause overheating and dehydration. You can still enjoy the fabulous sunshine without the risks by sitting in the shade, wearing a hat and ensuring that you’re sun cream is always topped up! Don’t put your body at risk, choose factor 50 and minimise the time that you spend in direct sunlight whenever possible.

Go With The Flow

Love long dresses? So do we! There’s never been a better excuse the whip out that lovely maxi dress from the back of your wardrobe and show it off! These things are made for pregnant women as they flow wonderfully over any sized bump – plus they’re super comfortable!


With the extra heat you’ll need to hydrate more often to ensure that your body doesn’t overheat. But staying hydrated doesn’t have to be boring! During summer we have so much fresh, ripe fruit so why not take advantage of them and treat yourself to some delicious smoothies. Blend it with some ice and it’ll keep your smoothie cooler for longer. We recommend strawberry, banana and blueberry smoothie – yummm!

The Cooling Summer Edit

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Annie Buckley
Writer and expert
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