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Third Trimester: How Your Body Changes During Pregnancy

Third Trimester: How Your Body Changes During Pregnancy
Writer and expert7 years ago
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You've reached your third and final trimester- Congrats! Being pregnant is amazing but it's been a tough journey for your body and your skin. The third trimester sees you at your largest, tiredest and most swollen. Power through mama, your baby is nearly here!

Third Trimester

28th week - 40 weeks/ birth! 


  • fatigue: you'll feel extra zapped of energy in this trimester, as your baby grows so does the strain put on your body. Take some time for yourself, don't over exert yourself and enjoy those last few weeks before baby's arrival.
  • swollen legs and feet: carrying another little human inside your body really takes its toll on your legs and your feet, especially during the third trimester. Our Lucky Legs Cooling Leg Gel instantly helps to ease those weary legs. Packed with soothing ingredients Tangerine Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Ginger Root and Spearmint to help cool and revive tired legs and swollen feet for immediate relief. Kick back, put your feet up and give your legs the love they deserve.
  • back ache: as your bump gets bigger your hips and pelvic  may hurt as pregnancy hormones relax the joints between the pelvic bones in preparation for childbirth. Try and prop yourself up as much as possible and use pregnancy pillows to keep you comfy at night.
  • stretch marks: you’ve reached your third trimester and your little one is almost here, but your skin is stretching more and more each day. Our Tummy Rubs are the answer to your prayers. Not only does they help strengthen skin and protect from stretch marks they also ease that itchiness caused by stretching skin. Use continually and plentifully for amazing bump care. Not just for use during pregnancy continue to use after baby arrives on the scene to help skin shrink back to normal and get your body back to its former glory!
  • clumsiness: as some of you may have experienced from that time of the month, hormones can make you extra clumsy. Add a huge bump on top of that surge of hormones and you may find yourself more of a klutz than usual with baby brain to boot.
  • sore boobs:  as you progress through the third trimester and nearer your due date your breasts will continue to expand with your tummy, a perk of new mama-hood! Our Pregnancy Boob Tube is rich in vital Omegas (which are naturally depleted during pregnancy and nursing) to help lock in hydration, antioxidants to protect the skin and an ingredient time tested by mother for years, green cabbage, for soothed, hydrated and elasticised skin. .
  • lack of bladder control: you laugh, you sneeze, you pee. Make sure to keep up with daily kegel exercises to ensure you stay dry when out and about!
  • braxton hicksoften referred to as the 'dress rehearsal' Braxton Hicks contractions start as a painless tightening of your uterine muscles. They cause your abdomen to become very hard and strangely contorted, caused by your pregnancy hormones sending your body messages to start birthing. Don't worry though! Braxton Hicks aren't efficient to push your baby out. They're also difficult to differentiate from real labour, so if you do get mistaken fear not you most definitely won't be the only woman tricked by her body into thinking shes going into labour.
  • crazy dreams, heartburn and an unreasonable need to clean and decorate (aka nesting) are all also some unexpected body changes whilst pregnant.

Remember ladies keep your eye on the prize, don't forget the silver lining of pregnancy, that pot of the gold at the end of the rainbow- you'll get to meet your beautiful baby very soon.


Writer and expert
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