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Pregnant at Halloween | Pregnancy Halloween Costume Inspiration

Pregnant at Halloween | Pregnancy Halloween Costume Inspiration
Tilly Doody-Henshaw
Writer and expert4 years ago
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The leaves are changing colour, the temperature is dropping and it truly feels autumnal. Which means... Halloween is right around the corner! Involving your bump in your pregnancy Halloween costume is the perfect way to bring a bit of fun to the festive holiday. We've taken the hard work out of Halloween planning and scoured the internet for the best pregnancy Halloween costumes ideas out there.

Mike Wazowski

This pregnancy costume is pretty easy. Grab yourself some green body paint and get creative turning your bump into this lovable Monsters, Inc cutie.

The Red Balloon

Another super simple pregnancy costume. Simply cut out a circle of red fabric and attach to a plain top using iron-on fabric adhesive. Finish off the costume with some string and get the rest of the family involved.

An Avocado

The classic pregnancy costume to flaunt your bump. Cut out a piece of cardboard in the shape of an avo and then paint with light green and darker green paints. Measure your bump and cut out a hole for it to peek through. Transform this into a family outfit with a teeny Siracha sauce and a grown-up taco.

Juno and Paulie

The iconic duo from the coming-of-age comedy is the perfect last minute pregnancy costume for any expectant mamas and their partners. All you need is a yellow and white striped top, a dark hoodie and a low ponytail.

Things That Go Bump in the Night

Isn't this just the cutest pregnancy costume? 'Things that go bump in the night' comes from a traditional Scottish poem, but taking it literally makes for the most adorable costume out there. Dress yourself in head-to-toe black and top off your costume by adding silver or gold stars all over.

Thing 1 and Thing 2

Take some inspiration from Dr. Seuss's classic 'The Cat in the Hat' for a clever play on this iconic couples costume. All you need is a red top, blue wig and a print out of the famous 'Thing 1' and 'Thing 2' labels which you can find online.

A Gumdrop Machine

A gumball machine is a genius way to get your bump involved in Halloween and happens to be a super simple pregnancy costume. All you need is a supersize pack of multi-coloured pompoms from the craft shop, some fabric glue and a white t-shirt. Glue your pompoms onto your shirt so they cover your bump and then top off with a cardboard price tag.

Mystic Mama

Fortune Teller costumes were all over Instagram last year. What better way to get your bump involved than by turning it into your very own crystal ball? For this pregnancy costume, get creative with your face makeup and deck yourself with scarves and jewels. For your bump either iron on a print-out of a crystal ball or try your hand at bump painting.


Another super-easy, last minute pregnancy costume. Make the most of the roundness of your bump by ironing on a printout of the moon to a black top and there you have it: a baby moon. Your can also turn this costume into a couples outfit by getting your other half into an astronaut outfit.

Jack Skellington (The Night Before Christmas)

The cutest skeleton there is and the ultimate hero of Halloween, Jack Skellington is a super simple pregnancy costume. All you need are black and white paints and very steady hand!

Violet Beauregarde (Charlie and The Chocolate Factory)

Channel your inner Violet Beauregarde with another super simple pregnancy Halloween costume. All you need is some violet face paint, a heavy hand and a purple tracksuit, topped off with a red belt around your bump!

Genie in a Bottle

This pregnancy costume could be DIY-ed or bought from a costume shop, either way you are sure to turn heads with this clever, Disney inspired costume.

Whatever you decide to dress up as this Halloween, have fun, stay safe and be sure to tag us on Instagram in all of your Halloween snaps!

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Writer and expert
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