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First Trimester Survival Tips 

First Trimester Survival Tips 
Ellie Costain
Writer and expert2 years ago
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There’s no denying it; the first trimester of pregnancy can be downright HARD. Some people are lucky and feel totally fine but the vast majority will feel like they’ve been hit by a truck. I wasn’t one of the lucky few to have no symptoms and have had moderate nausea and vomiting both times, awful indigestion and crippling exhaustion. 

Having been through it twice and lived to tell the tale, our real Mama Sarah King gives her top First Trimester survival tips: 
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Snacks, Snacks And More Snacks 

I’ve lost count of the number of hours in the first trimester I have spent Googling ‘how to make morning sickness better’ or ‘how to stop morning sickness’ and in all honesty, I never found anything that worked apart from forcing food down, however rough I felt. If you’re struggling with mild to moderate nausea and sickness, instead of eating big meals, try eating little and often. This keeps your blood sugar level stable which will help to keep morning sickness under control so you can get through the day.  

It’s no magic cure by any means but it stopped the sickness peaking and troughing throughout the day for me, so it felt more like a constant manageable nausea as opposed to totally debilitating when my stomach got empty. Obviously the healthier the snack, the better. If all you can stomach is a packet of crisps though, then crack on Mama. Eating something is better than nothing! 

Protein Is Your Friend 

Following on from the snack point, try to make sure you’re filling up on protein and not just carbs (as tempting as that is!). Protein keeps your blood sugar level stable so will keep nausea at bay and keep you fuller for longer. Eating a protein snack right before bed and then leaving one on my bedside table for the morning was a game-changer! It stopped me waking in the early hours feeling horrific and eating before I got out of bed in the morning stopped the dreaded pre-work dash for the bathroom. 

If you’re struggling with strong flavours, I found cream cheese, hummus or cashew butter on wholemeal toast good options. Chunks of cheddar cheese and grapes and peanut butter with apple slices were favourites of mine too. 

Switch Up Your Vitamins 

The traditional large pregnancy vitamin tablets can be hard to swallow and make you feel quite sick. If you’re struggling with this, try taking it in the evening after food, or whenever you tend to feel least sick. This pregnancy I’ve switched to pregnancy gummies and they haven't made me feel ill at all.  Pregnancy Gummies contain the all-important recommended doses of Folic Acid and Vitamin D.

Take Naps 

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase ‘sleep when the baby sleeps.’ If you’re not a good napper, get in some practice before baby arrives by taking a nap when you can. Pregnancy can totally wipe out even the most energetic of people. Never feel guilty about taking a much-needed pregnancy nap; your body is working hard to grow another human so it’s totally normal to feel shattered and need a lot more sleep than normal. Getting enough sleep can take the edge of morning sickness and is great for your mental health. Repeat after me, Mama: ‘sleep is your friend’  

Stretch Your Legs 

Fresh air and a little walk around a local park can do wonders for your physical and mental health. I’ve always found getting out and distracting myself makes me feel instantly better, even if it’s just temporary.  

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Treat Yourself 

Pregnancy is hard. Growing another human being is hard. Enjoy some much needed ‘me’ time and get your nails done or have a relaxing pregnancy massage to alleviate any pesky aches and pains. If you can’t face going out, have a little at-home spa day and smother yourself from head-to-toe in lovely pregnancy-safe oils and creams like the Mama Mio Tummy Rub Oil and Mama Mio Tummy Rub Butter to nourish and soothe any itchy or dry skin. You deserve it, Mama! 

Organise A Date Night Or Night With Friends 

Date nights and nights out can be hard to come by once the baby arrives and partners can sometimes feel a little left out of the pregnancy process. Get dressed up and head out for a nice meal or to the cinema with your best mates or your other half to enjoy some quality bonding time together.  

Although it might feel like it’s dragging at the time, the First Trimester will fly by. Rest as much as you can, eat whatever you can stomach and take care of your mental and physical health; it’ll be over before you know it. You got this, Mama! 

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Ellie Costain
Writer and expert
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